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After a long hiatus, We are undergoing a lot of changes. It's good to be back, we hope you enjoy the site!

We are an ever-expanding source of knowledge on the things that will help you expand your culinary horizons. Share (and find) first-hand insights on the best places to buy ingredients in your neighborhoods with all of the content being generated and edited by those who know the neighborhoods best - YOU!

What makes Cook’s Compass so unique? Here's how it works: You can look up ingredients. These ingredients, in turn, can be listed in stores, so now everyone can see what a store sells. Rate and review stores and share with the community!



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we’ll guide you to the ingredients Our recipes range from the everyday classics to the exotic, but don’t be intimidated; we have tips on how to use and where to find all of the ingredients you’ll use on your culinary explorations.

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Peer inside a store through the eyes of other users. Through first-hand accounts, find the best ingredients available in a store. While you’re at it, share your insights on your favorite stores.

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Share interesting ingredients that you find, it helps complete the picture of your neighborhood. Our Patent Pending technology can use your discoveries to predict the quality and availability of other ingredients that have not even been reported yet.

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