About Us...

Cook Compass is a free web service dedicated to connecting people with the best local food stores

Through user input, we help people discover and enjoy rare, ethnic and exotic ingredients that are not found in your average supermarket. We have a growing database of exotic, rare, and less understood ingredients as well as the more common ones. Cooks can easily share and find information about recipes, ingredients, and their favorite local stores and markets.

Everyone learns how to make their way around the kitchen from the people they know. These same people are usually the ones you go to when you want to find the best places to go to for the best ingredients. Cook's Compass is an easy way to do all of the store-searching, idea-sharing, recipe-organizing, and question-asking that your culinary heart desires.

You can…

…Get tips for finding ingredients in your area by people who know where to look so that you can try that new recipe you found.

…Be one of those savvy cooks who can share their breadth of knowledge with others who need help.

…Find the stores that are the hidden gems of your neighborhood or try a recipe submitted by someone far away.

…Have the benefits of being able to tap local sources and those that are not so local allowing you to post requests to local cooks or to the entire community to receive the answers you need.