By: Harry

A tasty hearty fairly quick meal with little preparation and can be customized on the plate by individuals taste.

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Peel and cut up the potatoes.
Place the potatoes in the bottom of the cooking pot in the salted water.
Place cooked Kale over the potatoes.
Pierce the Polish sausage with a fork and place on top of the Kale.
Cover and boil till potatoes are cooked.

Take sausage out of pot. You can cut this into sections for each person or cut up into smaller pieces and place back into pot.

Drain all but about 1/2" of the water into a large measuring cup and place aside.

Add the butter and Maggie or soy sauce.

Mash the Kale and potatoes together till they are a smooth consistency. You can mash the sausage in as well if you'd like.

Pickle juice and pickles can also be added either into the pot individually after being served. The sweet pickle Juice and bits of sweet pickles add a nice flavour.

Serve with pickles or applesauce.
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